Spoutable Launches Affiliate Program

Hey all! Great news...we officially launched our affiliate program on March 16th and we want you to be part of it! Websites that target audiences interested in monetization, advertising or native content can now earn money by introducing Spoutable to their users and refer qualified publishers to sign up on the Spoutable platform.

Why Join?

With substantially higher engagement and great conversion rates than other platforms, sites you refer will enjoy being part of one of the fastest growing and highest performing native monetization platforms.

Spoutable is the Native Platform with the highest engagement rates. We provide 500+ quality publishers an array of unique, beautiful units across a wide range of placements. Our proprietary machine learning engine continuously optimizes performance across several key performance metrics, driving superior publisher monetization. Classic case of Art + Science = Incredible Results.

Earn money! 💸

In 5 easy steps, you can begin getting paid to promote Spoutable’s native content platform and drive new quality publishers to our platform. For every publisher you refer, we’ll pay you a bonus equal to 5% of their first 6 months of Spoutable revenue!

We make it easy for you to share!

Our affiliate system is simple and straightforward – once signed up, you can choose from a selection of ads and ad units that can be quickly placed on your site to drive your audiences and friends to Spoutable to sign-up.

Get started today 💰 or contact grant@spoutable.com

Maikayla Desjardins

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