March Madness, Content Madness

With the first weekend of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in the books, you may be seeing a lot of red or enjoying some serious bragging rights around the office – at least for now.

The best part of March Madness is the office banter, the water cooler chit-chat and the fact you don’t need to know a single thing about basketball to win the office pool.

The beauty of the madness is that anyone can fill out a bracket and potentially win, but the same can’t be said for how publishers approach monetizing their site. With revenue in your pocket at stake, you want to make a performance-driven decision on what content will engage your audience to maximize your revenue. To achieve superior monetization, here are a few keys to executing a successful monetization strategy.

Make content your star player

The old saying “content is king” still rings true. With native content getting 2-4 times the click through rates of banners and overall higher engagement rates, it is no surprise that native advertising is on a massive growth trajectory.

There are key points that make native content the winning combination for publishers and advertisers – to start, better technology, storytelling is front & center, and there is an overall feeling of display fatigue.

Don't put user experience in the backcourt

User experience simply needs to be a priority and without a doubt deserves to be first string. For the generation where mobile and high-speed delivery is the expected result, there is no room for irrelevant, disruptive, cluttered experiences.

This fits nicely with how brands are moving towards storytelling being front and center for media consumption, by allowing a brand to tell their story seamlessly within the context of a quality site. With this approach, the user begins to become part of the brand story without all the flashing displays popping up every few seconds. The integrated approach for a user experience is something that is going to take content advertising to the next level.

Full-court press on machine learning

Applying standard optimization will show you results but is that enough to win? Machine learning enables real-time changes so that each user is shown the winning mix of relevant and engaging content. Optimal user engagement happens when technology is there to learn fast, ingests more data and enrich the user experience with recommended content that is relevant and predictive.

Now, go enjoy the rest of the madness and best of luck with your bracket.🏀
Just remember, what a basket is to a basketball game, content in the right place at the right time is to your monetization strategy.

Maikayla Desjardins

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