Drum Roll Please...Spoutable Reimagines The 300 x 600

You may be asking, "What is a native advertising platform like Spoutable doing creating 300 x 600 units?". And, while on the surface, that's a great question, the answer is simple...

1) The 300 x 600 unit needs to be reimagined and made to feel more native.


2) Spoutable is the perfect native advertising company to do so.

You see, the 300 x 600 ad unit has been around for a long time and many publishers, advertisers and ad tech companies have done well by it. We have made it easy to plug into our websites and we have built a whole advertising ecosystem that makes it easy to buy into. The IAB has done a great job in creating some uniform ways to have more innovative units in the space and some very innovative companies have used the 300 x 600 space to serve more beautiful ads and ads that are more targeted to individual users. But, while those are important, the 300 x 600 experience still can (and should) be reimagined.

We recently released phase one of reimagining the 300 x 600 and we are putting Spoutable's unique skills to work:

Unique Units

Our new 300 x 600 units are unique in look and feel - they are highly visual and very dynamic. For example, see our 300 x 600 video playlist unit below:

Beautiful User Experience

Each of our 300 x 600 units has been created to respect the user experience - they are simple while being elegant and feature compelling and interesting content. See how our articles-only unit fits well within the site below:

Mixed Media

Unlike the typical 300 x 600 banner, we are using content to drive the ad experience and we are mixing together video content and recommended articles. Here is a look at how this works within a site:

Driven By Machine Learning

Consistent with our overall native advertising platform approach, Machine Learning is at the heart of our 300 x 600 placement. During this initial phase, we are launching with three distinct units and our Machine Learning platform (AKA "Ocho Bandito") automatically determines which unit produces the best engagement on each unique site. This means that the 300 x 600 is automatically optimized in real-time so you are always serving the right unit that drives the highest possible engagement.

Massive Fill

It's hard building your waterfall to enable high fill. At Spoutable, we have spent years building relationships with direct advertisers and third-party advertising partner. This work pays off by letting our publisher partners enjoy strong fill within the 300 x 600 space, meaning less work for you in constantly moving tags around in your waterfall. We also offer passbacks if you would like to utilize Spoutable tags within your ad stack.

The reimagining of the 300 x 600 unit is another example of our company's unique approach in blending beautiful ad experiences (the "art") with intelligent Machine Learning algorithms (the "science"). We are excited for what this will mean for increased 300 x 600 results for our premium advertisers and publishers.

As always, we would welcome any and all feedback. Have ideas for making the units better? Drop us a line - we would love to hear from you!


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